Jason M. Hyndman Launches Campaign for Verona Town Council

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Planning Board member and redevelopment/land use attorney running for a sustainable and inclusive Verona

Verona, NJ, March 11, 2021 – Jason M. Hyndman has a bold vision for Verona - a Verona where new development actually reduces overall environmental impact, a Verona with a thriving town center that is safe and enjoyable to walk and bike to, a Verona that balances the demands of State mandated affordable housing with sustainable and appropriately distributed residential growth and a Verona where public schools are fully funded.

“Community service is a core value that my wife, Gina, and I strive to practice,” reflected Jason. “Together with our two young children, Abby (8) and Jax (4), we moved to Verona four years ago from a neighboring town because of the warm and welcoming community, top-rated public schools and walkable neighborhoods.”

Jason practices law, counseling municipalities in various aspects of redevelopment and land use planning, satisfying affordable housing obligations under New Jersey’s Fair Housing Act, and navigating the general procedural requirements faced by local governments. He represents State agencies, municipalities, and private entities in litigation arising out of redevelopment, zoning challenges and land acquisitions.

Jason already leverages his legal expertise as a member of the Verona Township Planning Board and serves as the Vice Chair of the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission, which is an alternative land development review board that focuses on construction design and compatibility in Montclair’s historic districts.

Jason’s extensive experience with the master plan amendment process, zoning reform and the affordable housing compliance process, coupled with his bold vision, will be invaluable to the Township Council to help Verona remain an ideal place for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles to live and work.

"I am thrilled to see that Jason is running for local elected office,” said Laura Morowitz, Verona voter. “Jason brings an understanding of policy on enlivening our commercial zone and ensuring balanced affordable housing and development. He provides a diverse and fresh voice."


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