Did you know that New Jersey law requires every town to offer affordable housing? 

The State, not Verona, determines the number of units using a complex formula. In 2025, Verona will learn what our next mandated number of housing units will be.  


As an experienced attorney, Jason knows the full toolkit available to help Verona with the complicated issues before us without sacrificing our small-town charm and character. In addition to serving on the Verona Planning Board and the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission, Jason negotiates State housing requirements for other towns.

The time is now to plan a smart, proactive approach for our next State-mandated housing obligation.

Jason’s expertise on the Council means:

  • An advocate of the Town’s best interests who has a deep knowledge of the alternatives to high-density development

  • Safer roads that are easier to walk, run and bike, because we proactively planned for all types of mobility in our street design

  • Stronger local businesses and an invigorated downtown because we prioritized customer access and convenience

To learn more about Jason and his vision for Verona, click here.

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